The following settings for sections are general valid, no matter what view type is used.





name String

Used source - see

caption String

Friendly name of the section.

group String

If you define this value in multiple sections, you can group several sections into one menu group.

type String or String[]

What view type should a section support.

  • list (default) = show entries as list / table

  • map = show entries on an interactive map

  • orgchart = show entries as interactive organizational chart

  • timeline = show entries as timeline

The different types can be stacked. One section can have multiple views. If the passed value is an array, the user will be able to switch between the different views in the UI. Example:

- name: customers caption: Kunden type: - list - map

description String

Description, which is shown on top of each section in the UI

role String

ADMIN = only admins can see this section

USER = every user can see this data

If you don’t define it, role USER will be applied.

formId String

Use an existing form to provide an “add” feature in this section.

Forms are highly flexible and support multiple types of fields and validations. Refer to:

formLabel String

The caption of the “add” feature for the defined form.


This is defines which columns are shown in the section and how they should behave. You can define the data types, the label and if they should be shown in the summary or in the detail-view.

Refer to:


columns: - label: 'Kommission' key: 'SalesOrderCommission' - label: 'Prod.-Auftrag' key: 'ProductionOrderNumber' type: 'number' showInTableHeader: false showInDetailList: true



on what field should the sorting be applied. By default, this is name. This sorting is always applied when the user opens a list the first time. This is especially useful, if you want to sort by date or priority.

A user can always overwrite the sorting by clicking on the column header of a list.


asc = (default) list the entries in ascending order (A to Z)

desc = list the entries in descending order (Z to A)

hidden Boolean

Whether the section should be hidden from the sidebar


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