Mail Configuration

Portrait relies on authentication based on email-addresses. Therefore, Portrait requires an SMTP connection to be able to send invites, verify-links and password-resets per E-Mail.

You can either use your internal SMTP server or a dedicated and paid service provider.

SMTP providers known to us:


Given your use-case and the amount of mails you send, some of the aforementioned services can be free of charge for you.

Since external SMTP providers are optimized for transactional mailing, the changes are more likely, that your email invites or password-resets are not considered as spam.


Using your Microsoft Office 365 tenant for sending mails is not supported.




Name String

Address of the SMTP Server.

mail.port String

Port. Usually 587.

mail.username String

Name or E-Mail address of the account

mail.password String

Password of the account

mail.tls boolean

Activate if the communication with your E-Mail Server is secured.

properties.mail.smtp.from String

If your mail server allows it, you can overwrite the from value. NOT RECOMMENDED

properties.mail.smtp.auth boolean

Authentication is needed, therefore usually true. You can set it false if you host your e-mail address internal and excluded the portrait server from authentication.

properties.mail.smtp.starttls.enable boolean

Usually true - goes along with mail.tls

Changing the SMTP configuration requires a backend restart.

The best way to test your settings is to use the “Invite User” feature from the user administration area.

In case of an error, please check the backend logs for further analysis.

Configuration Examples

These examples help you to set up your SMTP connections.


After you have set up your Sendinblue account, you can use the following configuration.

Look up the “SMTP key” inside your account settings of sendinblue and use this as password in the configuration of portrait:

spring: mail: host: port: 587 username: password: 'your-secret-smtp-key' tls: true properties.mail.smtp: from: auth: true starttls.enable: true



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