A new Dashboard concept was introduced in Portrait 6.x. Capabilities were extended. Inside the application.yml file, you can find the config section dashboard under application.







Show Latest / Activity-Feed

The Activity feed is automatically generated through Reindexing.
You can decide if it is shown on the dashboard.

showLatest boolean


Show Favorites

Users can flag entries as favorites. Like this, the user sees the favorites on his dashboard. The newest favorites will be shown on top.

showFavorites boolean


Show Search

The search module is a way to promote the global search, which is anyhow always available on the top menu. However, the search module also remembers the last searches.

showSearch boolean


Show Hero

The Hero shows an image (see heroLogo in https://portrait.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PA/pages/844529672) and an intro text to describe the app.

The text supports markdown.

showHero boolean



What should be the name of the Dashboard in the sidebar.

caption string


Quick Actions

This defines actions to show up on the dashboard and in the top menu as “Quick Actions”.

A quick action needs the following properties:

See the below examples.

Note that when changing quick actions, a full browser restart is required to make the new actions show up in the context menu of the PWA.

actions object


Example configuration in the application.yml file:

application: name: Portrait App owner: Treskon GmbH ... dashboard: showLatest: true showFavorites: true showSearch: true showHero: false caption: Start actions: - type: scan key: xyz label: Lieferung scannen subtitle: Barcode scannen und Lieferschein öffnen icon: scanner - type: form key: createServiceCall label: Neuer Service-Call subtitle: Formular zum Erfassen eines neuen Einsatzes icon: edit - type: form key: uploadFile label: Datei hochladen subtitle: Datei in das Archiv hochladen icon: plus

Rearrange or hide modules

The user can rearrange the dashboard modules to his needs. This order will be stored on the server and will be applied on each device.

Besides from a section favorite, a user cannot hide modules, only an administrator defines what features are available.

Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner is a part of the quick actions. In the above example, you can see how the barcode scanner is configurable with the type “scan”. How you label it, and describe the use-case behind it, is up to you.

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