A form allows a user to submit new tickets, edit existing data, upload images or files. A form can be defined with multiple pages (aka. multi steps) and can consist of several input fields. These fields can furthermore be equipped with validation checks or field specific properties (e.g. a list contains of predefined values a user can choose from). 

Forms can be used as:

  • Quick actions - open a form from the dashboard or top menu

  • Inside a section - to add new entry specific to to that section

  • For entries - to open a form that relates to that entry

  • In modals - a small form can be opened in a modal component

Form Components

forms can be defined in the YML. Each form consists of 3 components

forms: form: - id: createExpense_elo_create onSubmit: ... dialog: config/forms/createExpense_elo_create.json - id: createExpense_elo_update onSubmit: ... dialog: |- { "title": "updaten expense", ... }

Further information

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