BLP 5.1

If you are using, you can use the ELO BLP 5.1 (aka. AWELOS 5.1) middleware to pass the form data and files.

A form submit starts a BLP server process (content or logic) and passes the data into the process. A BLP5.1 process will be either called once per form or multiple times – depending on the amount of files the user uploads.

Keep in mind that BLP 5.1 and BLP 5.2 are not compatible.


The following settings are supported:






must be BLP5.1


Process Service URL

Example given: http://your-blp-server:25023/


Upload-Profile in which the calling process is available.

Usually, the BLP project name is the Upload-Profile name. But this can differ.


  • 0 = Content-Process

  • 1 = Logic-Process


This setting is important for BLP to correctly interpret date, currency, and other data types.

Example given: de-DE or en-US.


In the name of which user (ELO: runAs) shall the process be executed?


Prefixed to onSubmit.userName (see above) and therefore needed for runAs-user detection.


forms: form: - id: updateStatus onSubmit: type: BLP5.1 url: http://your-server-name:25023/ project: FastPass processName: updateStatus processType: 1 cultureInfo: de-DE userName: eloservice domainPrefix: YOURDOMAIN

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